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Welcome to the backgrounds page! This page may take awhile to load as it has many Backgrounds. Feel free to take these Images and use them in your shops or pet pages. Please do not use them outside Neopets. Make sure you give me credit when using these Images. Thanks and have fun!!

DIRECTIONS: To preview a background image just click on the thumbnail. Click somewhere else on the screen the clear the background.

Images by Dawn_Keeper

Food and Items Backgrounds

This background is meant to pair with one of the guild banners. Otherwise it is a great background for your shop.


Pizza anyone?


A long lost Aishan restaurant background.


Another custom background I made for Lyzzard_Lady's omelette gallery.

I never knew I made so many backgrounds.... ^_^

Techo Stuff

A custom background I made for Lyzzard_Lady. ^_^

Rainbow Stuff

This was another request.

Plushie Paintbrushes!

I made this for my shops.


I made this for my User look up layout.

Earth Faeries

Ixis and Eyries

This was a custom I did for wildchild_BHG.

Illusens Background

Another custom background I did for a gallery.

Breakfast Foods

An old Aishan Restaurant Background.


A Chocolate Request.


Novas are so cool.


Negg and purple paintbrush.

Tropical Fruits

Tropical Fruits

Tropical Fruits

Tropical Fruits

Tropical Fruits

Tropical Fruits


Back to school background

Healthy Foods

Health Foods

Draik Items

This is a Draik request by Disney_Pixie_.


This is a Jelly Food request by AndrewsMom.