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IMPORTANT Guild Message Read here:

From the Neopian Times, yr3 week 2:
Can I have a contest in my guild? I am afraid we cannot allow any contests anywhere on Neopets. There is no way to make sure that the contests are legitimate. The majority of contest winners are just friends of the shop owner, or fake accounts. We know a few people did award prizes to real winners, but there is no way for us to check this so we have no choice but to ban them completely.

From the Neopian Times, yr3, week 4:

What do you mean by 'No Contests'? It means no contests, lotteries, raffles, competitions, caption contests, mystery pic contests, anything where a user has to do something to have a chance of winning. Honest give-aways in the Money Tree are fine, but any form of competition is not permitted.

This means that this guild will no longer be holding any sort of contests anymore. This is to minimize the risk to the guild, my account, and your accounts. However, we will be holding giveaways all the time. You will not have to do anything to get free items at this guild. I will randomly be giving away items to guild members all the time from now on. I repeat you do not have to do anything to recieve a free item.

Thank you all for understanding.